The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two

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Modern indexes and the internet help us to see just how vigorous the arguments were from both sides of the debate on the nation's new constitution. As brilliant as the arguments in the Federalist Papers are, some of the anti-federalist writings were stunningly accurate in predicting the weaknesses in the new constitution and how history would bring those weaknesses out. You will enhance your appreciation of the Federalist Papers and the Constitution by studying the arguments both for and against the adopting of the Constitution.

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Mary Webster will surely be remembered as the person who resurrected the Federalist Papers by "translating" them into readable English. Our lost treasure is now accessible to the general reader! With a chuckle I am sure that Thomas Jefferson would say that the best commentary on the principles of government has finally become a readable commentary too!

The translation into modern language is great. Do NOT buy the Kindle edition.

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  7. The table of contents is not linked and the page numbers listed are not accurate as well. I am going to see if I can return the Kindle edition A must read for anyone who loves this nation. We are to often not taught about the details of the country we live in.

    Fler böcker av Mary E Webster

    These types of books are a must read for all patriots. Federalist Papers in Modern Day Language. The Federalist Papers brought up to date. This is a good modern version of the FP. A book worth keeping for reference from time to time. Colonial thought about governments before Should be required reading by all high school students before graduation.

    Modern English definitely makes the Federalist Papers easier to under stand. Provides a background of Colonial thought before the Constitution was written. Makes Reading the Federalist Papers easy.

    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two

    Written in modern English it helps make the ideas and arguments of the Federalist Papers clear. Anyone that would like to study the Federalist Papers but finds plowing through the writing style of the 's tedious will love this volume. Its the Federalist Papers??? Its the Federalist papers in easy to understand English. There is not much you can write to promote this other then its part of American history and everyone should read them.

    If you like History and want to know why and how your American Constitution was written buy this book. A Translation, not Just a Paraphrase. If you've read Homer's Odyssey, or Jules Verne, or even the Bible, it's very likely you didn't read it in the original language. Some, perhaps most, of the world's greatest literature was written in language unfamiliar to many current readers.

    Ideally we read carefully researched and elegantly produced translations which meticulously preserve not only the meaning but the power of the original, a very difficult and admirable achievement. If your exposure was through one of the "Classic Comics" Classics Illustrated 8: The Count of Monte Cristo Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels or a film version medusa against the son of hercules then you've experienced a paraphrase, more or less loosely based on the original but seldom complete or accurate, certainly not sufficient to impart a good understanding of the original.

    In her "Federalist Papers in Modern English" Mary Webster has performed the great service of translating the unfamiliar language of the eighteenth century precisely and carefully into the English of today, so that it's now possible to read and understand these absolutely foundational essays without consulting a dictionary and a thesaurus to work through words and phraseology which have long since fallen from common usage.

    Over the past two or three years paraphrase versions of The Federalist Papers have appeared on the market, some worse than others and some rushed into publication so hurriedly that major portions are missing. Mary Webster's masterful translation suffers from none of those limitations; accurate, powerful and complete, this book is indispensable to the historian yet accessible to high-school students.

    Extensively indexed and highly readable, "The Federalist Papers in Modern English" belongs on your bookshelf and would make a wonderful and lasting gift. Summaries of the 85 Papers.

    The Federalist Papers 10 Translation and

    I have developed a keen interest in the last year or so to find out more about our founding documents and what the founding fathers had in mind. The Federalist Papers is a good place to start. Webster has published several versions of the papers and has a particular talent for making them understandable. As the title indicates, this book is a quick study summary for the full Federalist Papers.

    I recommend along with this booklet Mary E. I don't take very good notes while studying and. I currently am passionate for learning more about our constitutional rights and how to use them in governing LOCALLY to help maintain our republic. However, I don't take very good notes while studying and, being dyslexic, I can't read them later anyway.

    Federalist papers

    So the work that Ms Webster has done for me is worth far more than the price. It is also a summary which allows a quick reference to the exact discussion I'll want to review. Even were I good with note taking, her work is still a valuable reference.

    The Federalist Papers in Modern Language: Indexed for Today's Political Issues by Mary E. Webster

    The United States Constitution: Annotated with The Federalist Papers. I love this book! I heard about this book by accident, as I just caught the tail end of a radio interview with Mary Webster. When I heard the final rap-up of the interview, and the books description, I knew I had to have this book. I have read thru the Federalist Papers several times but have found it very difficult to understand the colonial colloquialisms. I found myself just reading the words and never really understanding their meaning. Mary has used the interpretations of each Federalist essay from her previously published, The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two, which makes each essay totally understandable and much easier to read.

    At first I was a little apprehensive reading only interpretation, but since they were identified and referenced back to each original Federalist Paper essay and paragraph, you can go back and read the 18th century text, which I did, and sure enough, you'll find Mary's modern interpretation conveys the exact same meaning only easier to understand. It's great the way she coordinates each section of the Constitution with the explanations given in each Federalist Paper essay. She works her way thru the entire Constitution starting with the Preamble.

    If the light went on when you read the Year Leap, then the light will become even brighter after reading this! There will no longer be any doubt in your mind that the current Federal Government has grossly overstepped its bounds and is not the type of government our Founding Fathers had intended for us. Difficult to put down. I recieved this book yesterday, and started reading it about 6: I think I finally put it down at mid-night. The founding fathers were clearly students of history, and now more than years later, history repeats itself, again.

    You can almost feel the internal conflict as Alexander Hamilton fought to restrict the size and power of the federal government and yet give it enough power to do what it was designed to do. These writings are so relevent and timeless. I believe that if they would have known what the government was to become, they would have done more to specifically limit it's power.

    By 2bluesky2 on November 20, They were written as 85 short newspaper articles under the anonymous name "Publius. Hamilton and Madison attended the Constitutional Convention in and so they were especially qualified to write the first comprehensive commentaries on the Constitution. Unfortunately, up to now it has been nearly impossible to try to isolate what the Federalist Papers say about any particular clause in the US Constitution. Mary Webster's book solves that problem. Her book breaks the Constitution down into its shortest relevant clauses, sentences, or paragraphs.

    Beneath each section of the Constitution she sets forth the text of the Federalist Papers that comment on that section. Readers of the Federalist Papers are aware that they were written in the complex legalese of the day. Modern readers find the original text almost unreadable. Instead of using the original Federalist Papers text in this book, Mary Webster instead uses her "translated" text which she has published separately and which is also available on Amazon. In addition to the translated text of the Papers, she includes a notation of the original Paper number and the paragraph number s of that text.

    Using her notations allow you to easily find the original text in any published edition of the original Papers. This book provides a service not available anywhere else. Now, knowing a particular clause of the Constitution which you are interested in, you can find in one place all the commentaries relating to that clause in the Federalist Papers. Not being able to write was psychologically devastating. However, not being able to support myself was worse.

    This was when I seriously considered killing myself. I believed I was a worthless person because I couldn't work and pay my own way through life. I knew my death would cause my mother horrible pain.

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    So I confronted my belief that I was worthless because I couldn't support myself. I confronted this belief like I'd confronted so many irrational thoughts over the years. I looked at the unvarnished truth about what I was thinking--I wanted to kill myself because I was incapable of earning money. I wanted to kill myself because of money. I forced myself to consider this thought from every angle, proving to myself that it was irrational.

    I realized that pride was keeping me from applying for disability. As a young adult, Atlas Shrugged was my favorite book. I was proud of being a strong and capable woman who had broken a couple of glass ceilings in the s. Now I asked myself, what would God want me to do? That afternoon I decided that I had to do whatever it took to stay alive. I had to ask for help, patiently wait for the medications to work, and lean on God when I couldn't stand by myself.

    I applied for disability. My first application was denied because I had always been able to work and support myself! This became my monetary support as I translated The Federalist Papers.

    My recovery was slow. My friends abandoned me during the worst part of my illness. And the only family member who stood with me was my mother, who was incredibly supportive. By September, , I was a bit better. In fact, my psychiatrist joked that after all I had been through, nothing worse could happen. I immediately balked, feeling a bit superstitious about such a statement. Unfortunately, my psychiatrist was wrong. My mother died after a brief illness in January, During all of my illness, my three brothers had nothing to do with me. And after mom's funeral, one of them told me that "there was something wrong with you since you were born.

    That was the end of my relationship with my two older brothers. And my younger brother liked alcohol more than anything or anyone. My circle of family of friends was reduced to one friend in Washington state, my psychiatrist, and my psychologist. During the summer of , my imminent death seemed inevitable. I started putting my things in order, deciding which niece should get which of my possessions.

    Federalist No. 10

    But I also treated myself to cable TV, which I had never had before. I became addicted to watching it. I began to worry more about my country than myself! This led to my picking up The Federalist Papers in December, I wanted to know what the Constitution meant to the people who ratified it--the people who agreed to this contract.

    And, even if I had picked them up, I wouldn't have needed to "translate" them. Before this episode of depression, I would have been able to just read them. However, because of my illness, when I read paragraph 1 of Paper number 1, I didn't have the foggiest idea what it said. I only could concentrate for maybe 15 minutes at a time, but over the course of a couple of days, I looked up words and slowly rewrote the first sentence until it made sense. Then I went on to the second sentence. This was a slow process. It took me a month to fully understand the first Paper.

    Then I started in on the second Paper. I wasn't "translating" the Papers for publication, I was doing it as a mental exercise, and for my own information. I was surprised by the content of the Papers. With the exception of textbooks, I very rarely read non-fiction. But I can only describe The Federalist Papers as a riveting discussion about the psychology of human behavior. They make the meaning of every clause in the Constitution absolutely clear. More importantly, they use examples to show why each is needed to preserve liberty and freedom. As I worked, I was replacing the dark thoughts spawned by depression with the brilliance of our Founding Fathers.

    And I realized that I was in a unique situation. My only asset was time. No matter how slowly I worked, I could eventually finish translating the book. And other people didn't have this luxury. Perhaps I could publish the translation so that people that I didn't even know could enjoy what I had discovered. This was the biggest breakthrough in living with my illness.

    I actually could imagine the friends I would gain, at some point in the future, because of my hard work on the Papers. On December 12, , I moved to Washington state, lived in my 5th-wheel trailer, and continued my work on the Papers. My first translation was published in And in , I moved to the Oregon coast. I still struggle with depression. I've never fully recovered. But I've made some wonderful friends who have helped me build a permanent home.

    They don't judge me for what I am unable to do; they appreciate what I can do. Reading and writing can still be difficult.

    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two
    The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition Two

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