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I, and I heare say, if he vse it long, His father will cut him off from the Crowne: But neighbour, say nothing of that. Neighbour, me thinkes you begin to sleepe, If you will, we will sit down, Am I a clowne? I am sure all we gentlemen Clownes in Kent scant go so Well: Sownes, you know clownes very well: Heare you, are you maister Constable?

Faith I am not maister Constable, But I am one of his bad officers, for he is not here. Is not maister Constable here? Nay but heare ye sir, you seeme to be an honest Fellow, and we are poore men, and now tis night: And we would be loth to haue any thing adoo, Therefore I pray thee put it vp.

First, thou saiest true, I am an honest fellow, But and you chance to spie the theefe, I pray you laie hold on him. Tis a wonderful thing to see how glad the knaue Is, now I haue forgiuen him. Neighbors do ye looke about you. Here is a good fellow, I pray you which is the Way to the old Tauerne in Eastcheape?

And I know thee for a taking fellow, Upon Gads hill in Kent: A bots light vpon ye. Maisters, vilaine, and ye be men stand to him, And take his weapon from him, let him not passe you. Why, what do you meane to do with me? Sownes, I am one of the kings liege people. Marrie I haue been at the Counter , I can tell such newes as neuer you haue heard the like. Marry neighbour, this newes is strange indeede, I thinke it best neighbour, to rid our hands of this fellowe first. We mean to carry you to the prison, and there to remaine till the Sessions day. Nay thou must go to the country prison, to Newgate , Therefore come away.

I marry will I, ile be verie charitable to thee, For I will neuer leaue thee, til I see thee on the Gallowes.

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Admit them to our presence. Herein I understand, that you haue committed my sonne to prison without our leaue and license. What althogh he be a rude youth, and likely to giue occasion, yet you might haue con- sidered that he is a Prince, and my sonne, and not to be halled to prison by euery subiect. Or else God forbid, otherwise you might thinke me an unequall Judge, hauing more affection to my sonne, then to any rightfull iudgement. Then if it please your Maiestie, this night betwixt And thus most humbly beseeching your Maiestie to thinke of our answere.

Stand aside untill we haue further deliberated on Oh my sonne, a Prince thou art, I a Prince indeed, And to deserue imprisonment, And well haue they done, and like faithfull subiects: Discharge them and let them go. Perchance the Mayor and the Sheriffe haue bene too precise in this matter. I will go my selfe to discharge them, and let them go. My name was knowne before I came here, And shall be when I am gone, I warrant you. Sownes and you do but send to the next Jaile, We are sure to know his name, For this is not the first prison he hath bene in, ile warrant you. Why then Cuthbert Cutter, I indite thee by the name of Cuthbert Cutter, for robbing a poore carrier the 20 day of May last past, in the fourteen yeare of the raigne of our soueraigne Lord King Henry the fourth, for setting vpon a poore Carrier vpon Gads hill in Kent, and hauing beaten and wounded the said Carrier, and taken his goods from him.

O maisters stay there, nay lets neuer belie the man, By my Lord the young Prince, or by my selfe whether you will. Come away my lads, Gogs wounds ye villain, what makes you heere? I must goe about my businesse my selfe, and you must stand loytering here. Why my Lord, this is my man, Tis maruell you knew him not long before this, I tell you he is a man of his hands. Heare you sir, is it your mans qualitie to rob folks in In faith, he shall be hangd in earnest.

And please your grace, the law must passe on him, According to iustice, then he must be executed.

Where have all the horseshoe crabs gone?

Heare you sir, I pray you, is it your mans quality to rob folkes in iest? In faith he shall be hangd in iest. And please your grace the law must passe on him, According to iustice, then he must be executed. And please your Grace, you are my Lord the yong Prince, our King that shall be after the decease of our soueraigne Lord, King Henry the fourth, whom God graunt long to raigne. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Condition see all Condition. Item location see all Item location.

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Against some rough flaw, that foreruns a raine: At Paris, Roane, and Orleance, she calls,. Cressy, and at Poyteers, where lay slaine,. To the high'st earth whilst awfull Henry gets,. France on this suddaine put into a fright,. When all at once the English men assaile,. And valiant Gloster showes himselfe their brother;. Hot is the siege the English comming on;. To Kent and Cornewall then the turne doth fall:. Then Suffolke, and then Excester; which all,.

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The men of Harflew rough excursions make,. That some French are shut out, some English in. Onely French Crownes, the English men esteeme. Till Gaucourt then, and Tuttiuile that were. The watch tower, with Saint Georges banner grac'd. For of their owne not any thing they haue: And first themselues the English to secure,. And sends his Herauld to King Charles to say,. Eight dayes at Harflew he doth stay to heare,.

To scourge proud France when now her conqueror comes. The King and Daulphine hauing vnderstood,. And at that time, both resident in Roan,. That ere the English to their Callis got,. With Berry and with Britane their Allies;. So Fabius wearied Haniball, so wee,. And of the English rid your Countrey cleane,. That day at Poyteers, in that bloody Field,. And with braue Spirits France ne'r did more abound. The newes to Henry by the Herault brought,.

Thus French, the French to this great Battaile call,. Meane while the English that some ease had found,.

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The poore distressed Englishmen the whiles,. Some fall to dancing, some againe to play: The wearied English watchfull o'r their Foes,. King Richards wrongs to mind, Lord do not call,. And from their Cabins, ere the French arose,. The lazie French their leisure seeme to take,.

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  6. When soone the French preparing for the Field,. The Constable, and admirall of France,. The Dukes of Burbon, and of Orleance,. The Daulphine of Auerney to aduance,. Neuers and Beamont, men of speciall name,. With them Salines, Rous, and Grandpre came,. As France her selfe it well might seeme to threat. The Duke of Brabant of high valour knowne,.

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    Lewes of Burbon, second yet to none,. Henry himselfe, on the mayne battell brings,. The Duke of Glocester neere to him agen,. Oxford, and Suffolke both true Marshall men,. The French which found how little Henry makes. Forward stout French, your vallours and aduance,. Let not one liue in England once to tell,. Nor to the English what in France befell,. With showers of shafts yet still the English ply,. When soone De Lannies and Sureres hast,. Vpon the French what Englishman not falls,. And kill, kill, kill, the Conquering English cry. And whilst the English eagerly pursue,. And from his friend not halfe a furlong flaine.

    When in comes Orleance; quite thrust off before,. Ferrers and Greystocke haue so brauely done,.

    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab Henry the Valiant Crab
    Henry the Valiant Crab

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