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We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Produced by Tricky Stewart. Album In the Zone. Me Against the Music Lyrics [Intro: Release Date October 14, In the Zone Britney Spears.

Me Against the Music Lyrics

Me Against the Music. I Got That Boom Boom. Touch of My Hand. Some felt it was a strong dance track of In the Zone , while others referred to it as lackluster and disappointing. The song was a commercial success, peaking atop of the charts in countries such as Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Spain, as well as the European Hot Singles.

It also peaked at number two in Canada, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, and inside the top five in many other nations. The accompanying music video for "Me Against the Music" shows Spears and Madonna playing opposites in a nightclub. A cat-and-mouse chase ensues, and Spears finds Madonna in the end, only for the latter to disappear before they kiss.

The video received positive reviews from critics, who noted it as symbolic of the sexual roles between the women. Spears is currently performing the song on her Las Vegas residency show Britney: While her management liked the track, she rejected it, telling them the song "sucked". After bonding with Spears during a night in New York City to "get in her world", as Magnet explained, it was easier to "actually write and know what she would and wouldn't say, to know where her real vibe is".

Stewart and Magnet began working on the first version of the song; Stewart came up with the track, while Magnet developed the melody on a piano and some of the lyrics.

"Me Against The Music" lyrics

He explained, "I was just getting into the business. I'm in Atlanta, driving home in a '92 Cadillac , and I get the call [ After Madonna commented that she liked the track, Spears asked her to do the song with her.

Britney Spears - Me Against The Music (Live at the 2003 American Music Awards) AMA

She said "I just asked her to do a little thing, but she really went there. She did a lot of stuff to it. Spears and Madonna trade lines during the verses, and Madonna sings solo in the bridge. Spears's vocal range span from the low-note of G 2 to the high-note of B 4.

It's as if she's in the club, losing herself in the music. It's an up-tempo dance track with a big name attached; what else could you ask for? Music Radio stated that "Madonna's appearance on the brilliantly titled but deeply dreary 'Me Against The Music' was a postmodern prank designed to make all sane listeners think 'actually, American Life was pretty good, after all.

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He added that the song "propels the listener into Spears' collaborations with heavy-hitting producers. Instead Spears swims through dark, often hip-hop hued waters with occasional forays into minor keyed electro dance terrain. This duet with Britney is all raunch and no solid roots". A number of remixes were commissioned by Jive Records , to accompany the song. The remix removes the original melody of the song and adds a clattering backbeat and Punjabi shouts. Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times called the remix "excellent", noting that it is "so frenetic you barely notice Ms.

It was Spears 10th chart hit, as well as the first of her entries that she had co-written.

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It was also the first song in chart history to credit Madonna as a featured artist, and her first chart entry not produced by her since " Love Don't Live Here Anymore " in In Australia, "Me Against the Music" debuted at number one on November 17, , replacing Kylie Minogue 's " Slow ", and remained at the top for two weeks.

It was blocked from ascending the top spot by Busted 's " Crashed the Wedding ". It's really interesting to see the two different styles together. She was at her peak at that point [ I wanted it to be a bit of a cat-and-mouse sort of game and a little bit of a foreplay between Britney and Madonna and just sort of tease the audience.

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  8. The video starts with Britney parking the Mazda vehicle and going into a New York nightclub. Madonna, who is in a room filled with men smoking cigars, observes her from television monitors throughout the club. Her suit is also notably fitted, especially in the waistcoat, revealing Madonna's body to be female and not masculine. This is followed with Spears performing a dance routine inside a blacklight paint graffiti room, and the two women dancing around a metal bedframe.

    Once Spears finds the room, Madonna is nowhere to be found. Although it ultimately seems that Spears becomes the dominant figure, Madonna recovers her phallic power in the form of a cigar from an onlooking male. The video ends as Madonna's laugh is heard in the background. The video premiered on television on Making the Video on October 21, at It was viewed more than 2 million times in its first five days.

    Britney Spears - Me Against the Music (LP Version / Video Mix) - Listen on Deezer

    Julie Andsager stated the 'fantasy-fulfillment' strategy of Spears continued with the Madonna kiss and the "Me Against the Music" video, but added that "she has, perhaps, taken her sexuality to its extreme — for network television, at least — at the age of 22".

    She drips song-and-dance confidence. Within a few seconds, her shiny hat falls off, sending her blond hair everywhere, but Spears doesn't miss a step. When it comes to Madonna's verse, she can't help mouthing along to the words. She floated down on a wire from the rafters in a gold overcoat, which she quickly shed to reveal a pink bustier, black vinyl thigh-high boots and black hot pants.

    She was accompanied by a troupe of brightly dressed faux punk rock dancers and a dizzying set that featured shooting flames, Vegas -style neon signs and a massive video screen. It was also performed by Spears at Britney Spears: It began with a system malfunction where a female voice counted down as the screens sketched Spears's outline, which then rose to reveal her at the top of a staircase. She made her exit as a shower of confetti was shot towards the audience.

    Me Against the Music

    Spears wore green and gold harem pants ensemble. During the performance, Spears is seen doing a dance routine with walls made of wood, which is a resemblance to the labyrinth scene from its music video. They share an hallucination, in which Morris appears as Spears, whereas Rivera plays Madonna. Credits adapted from the liner notes of In the Zone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A second sample of "Me Against the Music", featuring the first verse where Spears and Madonna trade lines. Retrieved September 18, Retrieved September 22, The New York Times.

    Retrieved May 2, Archived from the original on August 18, Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved June 23, In the Zone Music Review". Archived from the original on February 26, Archived from the original on June 22, Hachette Filipacchi UK Ltd. Retrieved September 28,

    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music
    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music
    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music
    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music
    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music
    Me Against The Music Me Against The Music

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