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This book annoyed me. The child is annoying, her parents are annoying the townspeople in the new town where the haunted house is are annoying So annoyed by this annoying book that now the word annoying has lost all meaning but still applies here. Predictable ghost story and not well written in my opinion, obviously. This story is mysterious and very enjoyable. I love how the author twisted the plot of the story and how she ended it. I highly recommend this fabulous read and can't wait to read more from this author. Aug 25, Mary rated it liked it. Great haunted house story! Quick read, was disappointed with the ending.

Oct 05, Debbie rated it liked it. I couldn't get into this as quick as I can in her Hannah Swenson series. Once I did though I enjoyed it. If you like ghost stories this is good for you. Lackluster Typical haunted house fare. A young family moves into a dilapidated mansion in a small town.

Said house is haunted by the ghost of an angry child out to avenge the cruel mistreatment he and his mother suffered at the hands of self-righteous townsfolk. It's part ghost story and part spiritual possession. There were few technical errors as far as spelling and punctuation go, but it was bothersome how one scene would skip to another without a break to signify the change.

Not sure if this Lackluster Typical haunted house fare. Not sure if this was how the book was originally written or if conversion to e-book format created this mistake. There was a need for more character development. The characters just seemed shallow and flat, two dimensional and stereotypical. The main protagonist, Leslie was supposed to be a little girl of ten, but her actions, thought process and speech were too mature for her age. It simply didn't ring true.

Set in , the themes dealt with out-dated subjects like children born out of wedlock, the resulting shame and guilt associated with that, the old fashioned, condescending attitudes of men towards women and the cruelty perpetrated by bored housewives who liked nothing better than to gossip. Perhaps relevant at some point in time, the themes haven't aged well. I can't say I hated the story. It wasn't boring, just so-so.

Jul 17, Leslie M. This book has all the elements of an old-school ghost story. This is certainly not a cozy mystery, as Fluke has become known for writing. The Other Child is darker with a definite "creep" factor. At times, it reminded me of the classic Stephen King book, The Shining.

The Other Child by Lucy Atkins

While there are a few plot holes and predictable scenes, there were more than enough twists and turns to keep me reading. In fact, I had a hard time putting the book down. I've never read any of Fluke's earlier works and I've only This book has all the elements of an old-school ghost story.

I've never read any of Fluke's earlier works and I've only read one of the "Hannah Swenson" books , but I will certainly be checking them out. Wow is this a dark book! It is not at all what I have have grown to expect from Joanne Fluke. It is a well written book worth reading but if you are expecting the same light hearted stories from the Hannah Swenson stories you are going to be surprised. If you do not like dark stories I honestly would recommend skipping this book.

On the other hand if you like dark thrillers this is Wow is this a dark book! On the other hand if you like dark thrillers this is a well crafted one. Sep 21, Josette Thomas rated it it was amazing. This was a really creepy haunted house novel, I believe these things can happen. No one expects the terrible things that happen in the house or to the children that bully Louise.

No one notices her eyes that change. No one ever could write unless they could be able to let the scare come oh. Jul 03, Diane rated it it was ok.

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I'm really not into ghost stories, and this was no exception. It wasn't really scary, it was not as good as other books I've read by Joanne Fluke, rather disappointing. And the ending seemed rather abrupt and not informative enough. Nov 02, Sylvia Walker rated it it was ok Shelves: The characters were all stupid, or loathsome, or both, and the plot was so predictable as to be boring. The best thing about the book was that it was a fast read.

Feb 11, Jeanine rated it really liked it Shelves: Thoroughly enjoyable ghost story.


Oct 07, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: Extremely cliche, completely unlikable characters, unsatisfying ending. Jan 22, Lacey rated it it was amazing Shelves: I decided to go back and read her earlier books as well so that I can really see Joanne Fluke and her writing style. I have to say that I am very much still a fan.

Pretty classic hunted house story. Mar 10, Jennifer Perry rated it did not like it. I want the time I spent on it back to spend on a more worthwhile endeavor!

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May 31, Selena McKinnon rated it liked it. This book was creepy, in the best possible sense! An elegant Victorian mansion awaiting a new family to love and restore it, with a dark secret hiding in the root cellar. I thought Fluke did a particularly good job capturing the dangers of small town secrets and gossip; however, the overall story felt shallow. The ending was satisfactory, but I hoped for just a bit more closure. Totally enjoyed this one, I've definitely got a thing for a good ghost story.

The Other Child

This one seamlessly goes between the two timelines in the story, and does a great job of handling the whole ghost possession storyline without getting too weird, it flowed very neatly with the rest of the story. Highly recommend to anyone that enjoys a good ghost story and haunted houses, would love to see more work like this from Joanne Fluke! Jul 24, Bonnie Randall rated it it was ok Shelves: All the elements of a classic ghost story here: What falls flat here is character arcs for any of the main players. We get the what but not the why: Why did super-fit, super-chic Karen marry Mike in the first place, a drunken, slovenly All the elements of a classic ghost story here: Why did super-fit, super-chic Karen marry Mike in the first place, a drunken, slovenly gambler?

How has Karen, a single mother, afforded the affluence she clothes her child, Leslie in? In short, lots of motivation was missing and it killed the story for me. So did the arbitrary hostile viciousness evident in the townspeople. Is small-town America really this hateful?


As it was, I was frankly glad when the little spirit hurt the kids—and the gorier it got, the better; they were hateful, mean little monsters, so one dimensional in their villainy it was impossible to feel anything for them or their narrow-minded, equally vicious parents. Same went for Karen, Mike, and although to a lesser degree Leslie.

Feb 26, Crys Jackson rated it it was ok. I was in the market for something spooky and suspenseful, but this was neither of those things. CW for rape, abuse, injury, death And for those who prefer an interesting, well-developed police investigator, Almond is a disappointment—dull, one-dimensional and not very competent. There was a problem adding your email address. Be the first to discover new talent! Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

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