How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great

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Rottweiler Training Guide – How To Properly Train A Rottweiler

Their nature is to be protective of their territory and they do not welcome strangers until properly introduced. They are prone to guard their house and family, which goes way back into their history. Because of this, obedience training and socialization are musts, and the key to raising a lovable, good natured dog. The comforting thing about rotts is that they are sweet dogs who are extremely loyal and loving to their families, but have the ability to protect if a situation calls for them to do so.

Rottweilers are known to love their people and have a clownish manner toward family and friends. They often times behave like little kids, and will do anything for love and affection.

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They are extremely smart and powerful, and are happiest when given a job to perform. Rottweiler puppies should receive proper obedience training, so they are a controllable, well trained dog that listens and obeys. You must train your dog to know he is not the leader of your household, and that YOU are in charge. The first thing to do with your puppy is to put them into an obedience class. Your local Petsmart or Petco should have information on classes offered in your community, and most large pet shops even hold their own.

History Of The Rottweiler

Another resource is the AKC website. Here you can find local obedience classes in your area. It is important to stay consistent, and to reward good behavior with treats and praise. Positive reinforcement is one of the best tools you can give your new puppy. They will catch on quick. Remember that training any dog takes time, and remember to stay positive.

Your rott is extremely in tuned with your emotions and can sense frustration or anger, which may put a wrench in his training. Keeping a good attitude will just help your dog learn faster and help him to enjoy and respect it. Being too hard on your dog will only teach him to fear you and others, and can cause aggression.


This requires using a clicker you can buy at your local pet store or homemade device an empty soup can with gravel inside, taped shut constantly. You keep the clicker close by you at all times until your dog is trained , and the second you see him or her do something wrong ie: Socialization is a major must in training your Rottweiler. Rotts that are secluded to the house, that never see anyone besides their family members, will automatically feel threatened by all strangers. This causes aggression and bad behavior. As soon as your puppy has all the proper vaccines, start taking him to the park, and to the pet store.

Take him on walks and let neighbors pet him. In fact, encourage others to pet your dog.

How to Raise a Well-Trained, Non-Aggressive Rottweiler | PetHelpful

You must take your dog outside the house and socialize him. No matter if they are coming in your house, a neighbor outside, or a stranger at the dog park. Yank their chain and tell them NO when this happens. If it does, you have a problem. When people enter your house, make sure your dog understands that you welcome them, and are ok with them. Allow your rott to sniff hands and greet the visitors. Do not allow jumping up — use clicker training if your dog is a jumper. Always tell your visitors your dog is nice, so they do not seem fearful. Rotts can sense fear in people, and this will just cause him to feel fear as well, which prompts aggression.

Rottweilers live for love and affection from their owners. They will be much better behaved dogs if they get it. These things are important in raising a Rottweiler puppy. Neglected, or unloved rotts can turn into aggressive, intimidating dogs, which is where the breed gets its harsh reputation. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. That is not how you use a clicker. A loud, distracting sound can deter bad behavior.

But don't use the word clicker to describe this.

We have been blessed and have been rescued by 4 Rottys. We have had newborns, toddlers on up and have never had an problem. We always have cats who love and are loved by our Rotts, no problems. We regularly have our grandkids and granddogs overnight and longer, no problems. These are sweet loving family dogs for the right guardians. Caesar has a wealth of information on how to be a responsible pack leader for any dog.

Hi, I have been looking after our sons Rottie for over 4 months, she is a sweetie, she is 2 and abit all the children love her and the people say to me now there is Sophie, I say back, they say when is she coming back we miss her so much on our walks, we all love her, she will be back soon when they go away again I miss her so much she is a sweetie. Pitbull are most dangerous among all. It is not recommended to keep children safe around these dog breed.

Rottweiler Puppy Size & Appearance

Same with me - I could not imagine my life with out mine either - he brings so much joy to my life! They really are lovable and sweet if treated right! Thanks so much for reading: A fantastic hub Ashley about the often misunderstood breed. My heart broke when our beautiful Husky passed away and my husband wanted our next dog to be a Rottweiler.

I wasn't so sure at the time but so glad now to have one in our life. He is so amazingly sociable and has managed to win over all of our family and friends who had previously said things like "what do you want one of those aggressive dogs for? I really can't imagine my life without him now. Yep, I used it with mine as well and it really does work! Aren't they just the best dogs? They really are lovers! I used clicker training with my Rottweiler and it worked very well.

Congrats on your HubNuggets nomination! Pit bulls are definitely right up their with rotties in terms of bad reps. My brother in law has a pit and he wouldn't hurt a fly! It's all about the training and how you treat them: Wow that must have been scary! Typically this occurs at about the two years of age mark. My advice is to be prepared for many months of hyperactivity bursts, chewing, puppy mouthing and all kinds of other mischievous behavior!

A Beautiful Rottweiler Puppy Picture Rottweiler Health Care Rottweilers are generally a pretty hardy and robust breed but they are not immune to many common health problems. With proper research, puppy selection, care and nutrition you should have a happy and healthy Rottie for up to 11 years. An overweight Rottweiler is an unhealthy Rottweiler - or will be anyway. Obese Rotties are far more susceptible to a wide range of health problems than a fit and healthy Rottie. Be sure to provide plenty of exercise and proper nutrition to your dog. Read some more about the best dog food to feed your dog here - Rottweiler nutrition.

Rottweilers are not an ideal choice of dog breed if you live in a very hot climate. Check with your local breeders or Rottweiler club if you believe this may be an issue for you.

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Other health problems associated with the Rottweiler are - hip dysplasia , elbow dysplasia, osteochondrosis dissecans, panosteitis , von willebrand's disease, gastric torsion bloat , allergies once again dog food nutrition is important , eye disease such as PRA and cataracts. Rottweilers are also susceptible to epilepsy, hypothyroidism and various cancers. Rottweiler Puppy Training As we've already established it is essential to train your Rottweiler puppy - for the benefit of your dog, your family and the community at large. Time spent training your Rottie is time well spent.

It is the best way to develop and strengthen a healthy and close bond with your dog. It also opens up the lines of communication between you and your dog and helps to establish acceptable guidelines and boundaries for your dog to follow. Rottweilers excel at many training activities - plus they love it. They are a working breed so obedience training provides them with the perfect outlet or "job" for their vast intelligence and energy.

This energy has to come out in some way so why not put it to good use in a positive and mutually rewarding manner? Start your training sessions as soon as you possibly can - it's never to early to begin. Keep your obedience training sessions short, challenging, always consistent and use positive reinforcement. Many Rottweilers have been ruined by harsh or heavy "corrections" in the training process. They are sensitive animals who do not respond to and do not need any forceful training methods. Use your brain instead of your brawn. Rottweiler puppy house training is one of the first and biggest training or management issues to get right.

The use of a crate is invaluable in the Rottweiler housebreaking process. As long as pick out and stick to a good house training schedule you'll find that your Rottweiler puppy catches on very quickly. Rottweiler puppies can be extremely destructive little beasts if they are left alone, full of energy and bored for long periods.

You'll find that this pent up energy will manifest itself through digging, chewing, whining and many other destructive behaviors. These problems can be minimized through on leash walks, obedience training and chew toy training. This is one behavior that is best taught early and continually reinforced. The last thing you want is for your Rottweiler puppy to develop a leash pulling problem - prevention is better and easier than the cure. Dog to dog aggression is another behavioral problem that Rottie owners often report.

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This comes back to proper socialization and controlling your dog and the environment when on or off leash. Puppy kindergarten and Rottweiler obedience training classes are excellent places to provide some much needed interaction with other dogs and people. You can read more about the ins and outs of puppy socialization here - Rottweiler puppy socialization. Rottweiler puppies can be very energetic, frisky and mischievous little characters who take forever to "grow up".

This puppyhood period is your opportunity to put your dog on the right path by providing leadership and direction. Doing so will help to establish desirable behavior habits and at the same time prevent problem behaviors from ever arising. Most important for Rottie owners is to never tolerate your puppy jumping up on you or other people and get stuck into chew toy training from an early age.

Another essential obedience training command you will want to teach and reinforce in your Rottweiler puppy is the "come" or "recall" command.

How to Make a Rottweiler a Guard Dog

This is one of the most important commands you can teach any dog - for the safety of all concerned. As I've mentioned previously and is probably clear to you anyway is that if you own a Rottweiler then puppy socialization and obedience training are not negotiable - they simply must be done. I highly recommend puppy kindergarten and obedience training classes if you can afford them and there is a class in your area. If you plan to train your Rottweiler puppy at home I recommend clicker training methods or Adam Katz's Dogproblems.

Please consult the services of a Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist or Veterinarian before implementing any of the advice contained on this site. A Rottweiler puppy makes an outstanding human companion dog. More articles we recommend: Receive free ebooks and resources from world leading dog trainers First Name: Hot Content Top 10 Popular. Discover what the Top 10 dog breeds for children are! According to the AKC, these are the top 10 non-shedding dogs Every year, the AKC ranks what the 10 most popular dog breeds are Some dog breeds are more expensive than others

How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great
How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great How to Raise and Train your Rottweiler Puppy or Dog to be Great

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