Farmer John and the Metal Bucket

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Ask questions before bidding.

Buckets, Belting, Splices & Bolts all in one!

Tin is in great shape! I try hard to detail any flaws and take clear photos. Lid was on pretty tight so I didn't take it off.

DIY Galvanized Bucket Table!

It is Dark Ble and White in Color. In used shape, shows wear. Please look at pictures for best idea of conditions. You are bidding on a farmer John brand pure lard can this originally held 50 pounds of lard can measures 15 inches high and 12 inches wideThe can shows dings and dents and scratches fading surface rus Antique lard bucket circa It appears this has been used for feeding chickens and many other things.

Tar-like substance in bottom. Can is white with red and blue writing. Overall very good condition. They are just flexible enough that a horse can't really break the bucket itself and they do a fine job of keeping your water from freezing BUT only for one season.

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The 2nd year, both buckets split at the inside seal where the heating element is hidden and then immediately stopped heating. When you first get them they do have somewhat of a strong rubber smell but that quickly goes away after they've been in use. If you have a bored horse that likes nibble on things, they can crack the plastic and rip the electrical cord very easily.

Lard Buckets

I These buckets may work fine for other, smaller animals but they are not tough enough to hold up with horses. I've had these for nearly 3 years and they still work. So, if they quit on me when I plug them up again in a couple of months, I won't complain. It is worth noting that I had a lightening strike near my kennels during a freak thunderstorm in February. That evening when I went to feed one bucket was blown to smithereens. I suppose the lightening must have run into it from the junction box. To this day, the dog in that kennel very carefully goes up to his water bucket, sniffs it, puts his head in and takes a quick sip.

When he's satisfied it won't explode on him, he will then go in for a longer drink. And, this my friends, is how some habits are born. Does the job keeping the water from freezing but it is a little difficult to dump and clean every day because of the chord. We ran the chord out the back through the no climb wire fence so the horses could not fiddle with it Other than that minor problem they are well made and do what they are supposed to. I had ordered two and one of them was making the water a bit too warm and it was steaming and the one horse would not drink it.

I returned it and they replaced it by the next day no charge. Can't argue with that! One person found this helpful. This failed to do what I needed it to do -- keep water from freezing. Maybe the heater power is just too low for such a big surface area? I bought this bucket when the old plastic 5-gallon bucket shattered in the cold.

Lard Buckets

Shortly after getting this bucket, the temps dropped. The high yesterday was -3 degrees. I didn't expect to still have water in the bucket in that extreme cold. This morning it was degrees. I couldn't believe it. The outside had frozen but there was still plenty of space for my dogs to drink out of it. They can't even be outside long enough to get a drink, but they could potentially drink the water if they so chose.

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Love the size and flexibility of this bucket but, when I initially rinsed it with water, the water leaked Into the bottom section where the heating elements are located. I know this because when I empty the bucket I can see the water trickling through two openings on the bottom. I sent for a replacement bucket and it does the exact same thing. I use the bucket to water my ducks, they get a lot of their food in the water and the food is settling in the bottom section of bucket.

I returned the first bucket last week. On the upside, the water did not freeze. I would love Farm Innovators to contact me to discuss the problem. Using this bucket for our goats. I have only had this bucket for less than year so I can't speak about it's longevity. We have had a cold winter here in Montana with a lot of below zero temps.

We had a few weeks where it did not get up to 0F, and the coldest so far was degrees F. The bucket is kept outdoors beside the pen and has froze up only a few times. Each time was with very high winds and blowing snow. Works better than I thought it would. Highly recommend for goats and the like. I just wish I bought the 3 gallon We have brackets my Dad made to hold up our flat back buckets that fit up under the back rim and we couldn't use this on the brackets because of the flat piece udder the rim.

I assume this covers the wiring or something. We had to drill a hole in an old bucket for the cord to go through and sit in in the old bucket. It worked, but would prefer if we could just use it like we do our other buckets. See all reviews. Farmers Coop of Eldorado. South Dakota Wheat Growers Association. Mid Kansas Cooperative Association.

Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. Chris Tarver Director of Industrial Products. Brandon Grubbs International Sales. Sonya Fisher Inside Sales. Josh Manuel Inside Sales.

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Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket
Farmer John and the Metal Bucket Farmer John and the Metal Bucket

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