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This item has not been rated yet. Excerpts from my "Existential Series" -- herein, just my thoughts and theories regarding various aspects of being, and being human. I derived these ideas and perspectives over my lifetime -- and wrote it up over a period of several years. These pages contain my mind, so to speak. It and they seem unique. I hope those who read will find interest in combining my ideas with theirs. Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product.

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Your notification has been sent Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. We were unable to complete your request. By appleton schneider Paperback: Age Verification The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. She was 55 yes old and married for 25 yrs.

I am doing ok because I have be griefing for the last few yes knowing how this was going to end. We were in love to no end and had less than four bad arguments during our marriage. She was a fighter to the very end and did not suffer any. She told me to move on in my life and I will. Sleep is my only problem right now. I have not bad memories in our marriage which gives me only good ones in my heart.

I found if you will force yourself to get up get out and do things it makes each day easier. Connect talk to family about the death and what happened hit it head on. I am changing my home to a mans home instead of our home since I am widower now. You can grieve yourself to death which is not what they want or you can accept it and try to move on.

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It is about you now abd no one else. Nobody can tell you how you feel unless they have suffered the same loss. I ask myself each time I make a decision what would my wife say. She always gives me the answer. I loved my wife more than abything in this world but I know she is in a better place and she would not want me to lose my mind over her death. We honored each other as one person in our marriage.

I had the opportunity to tell her I love her and goodbye before she passed. It has been only one month but by the grace of God and friends and family I know I will do what she told me to do. Go on with your life. Thank you very much for writing what you did. It is very encouraging. I lost my boyfriend to lung cancer I am fifty three and my boyfriend was sixty eight.

I feel lost because he did not marry me. I know he regretted this too in the end. But things happened so fast once he got the diagnosis. I am not a widow. That hurt a lot. I just want to say that it is true, if you try a little bit everyday the day seems to move a bit quicker and then you get to sleep. I know I will hurt every single day for a very long time — if not forever. But I want to honor his memory and everything he taught me while we were together. I will be strong for him — and of course for me. Their heart is broken but they still reach out and give you a helping hand.

She said she needed a break. Now she posts on Facebook how she gave her all and nothing was given back to her. The thing is, she lives in a rainbow and unicorn world where she wants nothing to disturb it. She always gave me hell because I fell in love with my boyfriend and went to live with him. She was angry that I fell in love with him. She said he was beneath me. Well you know what, he was the most extraordinary man and even though I am in massive pain now — I would give myself totally to him all over again — even knowing that he would die right in front of me. Thank you for letting me express myself.

I am sorry that you too are grieving. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I just lost my girlfriend, my ever love one. A 9 year and 9 months of investment of life. Getting married by December and having a child by April next year. She was pregnant and there was a malignant cyst on one of her ovaries, the operation went well. We lost her after 2 days the day we are billed out of the hospital we are almost home the everything went wrong. She died because of thrombus embolism. All the happiness and joy we set became a mountain of grief and sadness, still I thank God for the peace I have in my heart even still it is heavy as of today.

Just had a celebration of life this afternoon.. Today I just kept looking for him in the crowd. I am have just been comforted by him by my side, even being ill, that it just felt unnatural. But, I saw something about being mad at God. Please know that souls are infinite. We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones after passing. It is turned off by what we were taught, or not taught while we grow. I was raised as a Catholic. All that comes with. No one in my family practices as a Catholic now days. Not a planned thing, we just all became Spiritual rather than religious without plan.

Like it was an unspoken evolution of us all. You can open yourself to the spirit world if you want to.

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I know some religious followings frown on that and you might feel like you are doing something to damn yourself. Just remember, religions have been the way to control society forever, not control your soul. Me, I had the ability as a child, but it scared me. I shut it all down. Working on to restore that beautiful gift. My love was done, he has other things to work on, other tasks at hand. He was a light worker in his own way. I miss him all the same as everyone does though. But, I want to offer HIM comfort in his new journey. I hope everyone of you heal in your journey.

I gave her CPR but after 9 days in the hospital it was determined that her brain had been to long without oxygen for her to recover. The respirator was removed and she passed 57 minutes later. Reading this helped a bit with the feeling of isolation. Like many of you have explained it feels like the world has been pulled out from under me and I have regret, guilt, all of those. Does this get better…ever? Chris, First of all, let me say that I am very sorry for your loss.

I lost my husband in May of and to this very day i break down in tears, hysterically whenever I think about him. Not to sound negative, but does it get better ever you ask? They say time heals all wounds. I still have a difficult time even looking at his pictures after 17 long years.

My son was only 9 years old when his Dad died. I am looking forward to meeting him again up in Heaven. I will pray for you and your healing Chris. Try to stay busy and find a hobby. I am here if you ever need someone to talk to. I decided to seek out a grief counselor, even though I am finding ways to cope on my own with every passing day. I think the one thing that gives me strength to carry on is the knowledge that my children need me now more than ever. I must be strong for them so I snap out of it quickly every time that part comes to mind.

I find that those sort of things are very helpful to me. I lost my wife of 15 years to Cancer on 11Sep18 and about three days after her passing I started crying several times a day. It has become so bad that I rarely go anywhere, knowing I will begin to cry. I am sorry for your loss. I found a therapist who specialized in grief, loss, and bereavement and it really helped. She was able to help me find ways to express and integrate my grief. Hi i lost my husband of 28 years on June 29, I feel the same way.

I go to work and function as best i can but i am heartbroken and still cannot believe he is gone sometimes. You can always email me if you would like. It is definitely the hardest thing ever and i still cry a lot. I simply cannot care about someone else as I did my spouse. I thought we were forever…. WHY would he do that? I thought we were reunited…. I just want the truth. At my age 55 men just want someone to take care of THEM! Tuffy I lost my husband last December. He took care of me and I regret that. My partner was 45 when he commited suicide last year.

I have gone from shock to crying rivers and a tear on I still cry rivers. I look for his signs and appearance all the time. I keep as long as I can my eyes open at night hoping to see him. The tv I have never watched so much. I get angry at god too but my partner too. I feel even thought I have grown up kids I live myself with absolutely nothing to look forward to especially at the weekends. I get fed up hearing get out enjoy yourself. If my deceased partner which a medium told me he said move on have fun. How could my dead partner say that? That makes me sad and furious too. I think that is just something that some guy made up.

I have no interest in entertaining another relationship. No marriage is perfect and my marriage is no exception. But there was some permanence to it that survives her death. I am heartbroken and having kind of a hard time. Maybe they mean well and intend it as a condolence. I lost my boyfriend of 5 years. He was 23 years old. He was my everything. What hurts the most was all the unecessary petty little fights we had.

I regret so many things. Like the last time I saw him, we fought. Over something so stupid. I never thought he would go to a bar that night specially in a such far away place with a so called friend and get severely intoxicated. Our fight was so little and petty. It was nothing huge. The thing is he went to a bar. Got drunk to the point he had no idea what he was doing. His friend gave him a shirt to wrap around his arm instead of taking him to the hospital.

He claims my boyfriend didnt want any medical attention. He was too drunk to make any decision on his own! I never thought his friend would leave him, take my boyfriends car back to his house and leave my man there to bleed to death. But everyday I ask myself why there being so many people no one called Had I been there, this would have never happened.

I feel in a way I let my boyfriend down. I loved him dearly. And I regret so much not being able to be there to save his life. My life has changed. My life is over. Life will never be the same. We had so many plans. We had plans to get engaged. He had even picked out a boys name already.

He had just gotten a really good job. Everything was perfect and then this happens. By far the worst thing that has happened to me. I look at our pictures. Or have to go to the cementary to pick his burial site. But he was my everything. Our life was just about to start together.

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I hope he rests in peace. I hope to see him again. I want to believe god has a plan for me. He will have to live with his conscious. Leaving him there with strangers and taking my boyfriend car back to his house. I mean who does that? We all know you never leave a friend behind.

Specially someone in need of medical attention. This could have been preventable. Had Anthony gotten medical attention, he would be here. Had someone called My Anthony would still be here. I can only imagine bleeding out for 2 hours with so many people around and no one calling How do you not notice the blood? I have so many questions. But no matter what I do now, nothing will bring my Anthony back.

For the rest of my life I will go on thinking and longing for him and all of our hopes and dreams. The day he left, he took me with him. May he be in heaven with god and watching over us. You were such a big part of my life. So much I learned from you. I love you and I always will. Patient has previous arrhythmias but not dynamic and was not given pills until last 3 months before ER admission for bad laboratory findings on two values. The nursing and other services in the hospital were excellent and the speciality doctors would show up initially but nothing else was reported even after they did their evaluation and tests.

The wife was not informed of anything and if question came up to the Nurses on duty, they would call the hospitalist, who never came during the day time visits to the hospital by the spouse. Finally the spouse thought her husband was getting better and then he started failing fast. Still no explanations were given until the hospital ordered Hospice care and prepared him for transport.

Only the last hour was the spouse informed of the details of the transport only. Spouse has worked in medical field and things have changed. My husband died ten days before his 68th birthday. He was sweet, sensitive, kind and helpful to anyone in need. I used to get upset because he helped so many people and sometimes I felt left out. I had to shovel the snow from it as well as my own car.

For over two years I could not listen to a Roy Orbison song. We went camping — I still have the camping equipment. He was such a nature lover. I travel as much as I can and work full time just to keep my mind off the loss. After he passed I found a coupon for a locket that he was looking at. He probably was going to buy it for me for my birthday on Dec. So I bought it and have worn it since the day he passed. My girlfriend gave me a teddy bear which I hug in his name when I feel down. He died the day before thanksgiving. I buried him on my birthday. I cried for months on the train to work.

The pain is still there after 5 years but has lessened a little.

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I can listen to Roy Orbison now and not cry. I visit his grave often. I talk to him. He will always be with me. Some of us STAY married for eternity. My common law husband passed away April 3 our one and only an had just turned 3 years old…. I was 17 and he was 18…never had i loved someone so much. He made me happy. He battled a chronic illness of kidney failure and seizures…he always had a smile on his face no matter what.

I saw him almost time numerous times…. We got together and I would have never knew…he almost died in because his transplant was rejecting…this man changed my whole life. I will never understand why things ended the way they did…. My anger had took over me and I took it all out on him. He passed away one month after moving into his cousins. I am thankful for the years we had but I do not want to live without him I try to fight for our son but the truth is I am not happy I eat her be dead.

I was 27 and he was 28 when he took his last breath. My anger got the best of me and took over…. He was back on dialysis for a year before he died…he kept passing out and waking up on a vent during dialysis I was so lucky to have him there were so many times he pulled through and all the trauma no time to recover my heart broke for him everyday o wish I would have hugged him instead of cussed him. I lost my husband on April 25th. We had been together for 30 years and married for We have a daughter who is Over the past month I have been doing everything that I can to take care of her, and get her through school.

I have just now had some time alone to really begin to feel my own pain and it is awful. Focusing on my daughter to help her become safely independent and get her focused on college and her future. Not only spouse but the death of any person with whom we share a bond of love is hard to lose. The pain of having no more the company of them who used to be for us, the hope that is not present, the happiest of the moments you spent together which will never be there again, the voice which will never be heard, the laughs which will never be shared are all the little things which make the life harder and harder.

The little things on which they used to spend upon each other and its conversion to an empty space is unbearable. If anyone is under the misguided impression that when you are older and have been together for nearly 54 years, or more for some, it gets easier to loose them. I hate this empty life he was my everything, my all, the breath I breath, the life I led.

Now I empty, lost and have no will to carry on. People tell me I am lucky to have had so long with him, to have wonderful sons and grandchildren and I know I am but I can find no comfort in anything just now five weeks ago my reason to live died in my arms and all I want is to have him back. Much of what you have written makes so much sense and is so right but it is overwhelmingly intense.

How do people go on living? Am wallowing in self pity? Pam, I feel your pain. We were married 47 years. He was the one that complimented this old 68 year old face and body. He was the one that loved me despite my imperfect ways. He was the one that listened and agreed. He was the one that understood. Mostly, he was the one that shared all the past memories I have…the same memories. There is no one else that knows but me and him. I want to remember him with a smile instead of a tear.

I hope you can too. He lived with the hep C and was doing well. In March of he was put on Harvoni. He was my everything,, My soulmate, protector, provider, best friend, support and a great grandfather. I was left without nothing, lost my apt, income and I am now forced to live with my daughter. I am made to feel like I am a burden, and just upset everyone. I cannot say a word about anything good or bad because I am told I am trying to cause drama. Now on top of my severe grief I am severely depressed.

I can not find employment despite having a B. I am finding each day a severe struggle. I am upset because everyone has this perception I am not suppose to be sad or depressed by being so I am being negative and unappreciative. They do not understand how much I am hurting and try to make it seem like I have no right to feel this way. I will be attending a grieving support group and one on one counseling to try and get through this but I know I will never ever be the same person I was.

What Happens Every Minute?

Just do not know if it is possible to continue on. You take as long as you need to grieve the loss if your loved one. No one knows what you are going thru unless they have lost a spouse! You mentioned your husband was a disabled veteran. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Married 40 and knew each other a total of 43 years.

Nick was sick must of his life,do to a child hood bully who pushed him unto a steel gate and end up a life time of infections and pain and in and out of hospitals with lots of pray he would also come home. Back in October Nick got sick with runs and ended up in a hospital that did not know what was wrong with him. Cancerous it took a few months to get him in and we were constantly in pray that this was not going to spread.

He came out with no cancer,but lost a lot of his organs. After a few weeks he came home,had a hard time eating,lost a lot of weight,I was feeding him food I thought would digest. He went to the dr for follow up. Dr says he was doing fine. Home nurse came a few days later and he was ready to go for final visit to the wound dr.

I went to the bedroom to clean some clothes an he coughed will bad and I ask him if he was alright,ask if he had pains in his arm orchest He says no,so in about 7months we were ready to retire and finally has some rest and time and was planning to go on a cruise for our 41st anniversity and was talking about the fun we were going to have. He says to me,honey I feel weird,I ask for he had pains. How do you feel?

'Then everyone died': I lost four people I loved in 14 months

I told him drink some water,which he did. He looked alright and I asked him if He wanted to watch tv? I turn my head to set the tv and when I turned back to him,his eyes went up and I ran over thinking he fainted and he went limp. I called and starting breathing in his mouth waiting for the ambulance. I got in the truck and followed the ambulance to the hospital. I called my pray partner to agree upon Nick his heartbeat started and prayed and the ambulance stop at the emergency and I asked if they got Nicks heart beating.

I preceeded to take him to a separated home and I waited,expecting to hear he. Did all the routine procedures,was getting little reaction from his brain. My son says to me wait Dad may recover from this. I changed hospitals because their drs told me with exrays or any to let him go. We went back the the hospital we went to most of nicks life and got all kinds of exrays and finally got the info that Nicks right brain was damaged and he would be in that state the rest of his life.

When Nick and I were younger we promised we wouldn. We been Christians most of our life teens I am now 61 and the money My husband worked so hard for will never be used for the plans we hard. How do you start again? I faith has been damaged and I do not want to live this life alone and will never persue another relation?

Any one can suggest how to cope? If not please pray for me. I lost my husband on October 29, I hollered for all my kids. I have gone through so many different emotions. I have taken trips to run away from my life to just breaking down randomly in the middle of the store because of a song that was playing. I have found someone that I feel comfortable talking to. We actually text not talk because we live 2 hours away from each other.

The loneliness though is what gets me still. I have friends and family around but I still feel lonely. And I find it difficult to be around couples. I feel like an awful person saying that but I see them all happy and jealousy takes over. I lost my wife in Feb 12, I am past the grieving stage, even looking forward to getting on with my life. No matter what time I go to bed, I never can stay in bed past 7am, have problems even taking a nap during the day, and wake up almost every hour or 2 during the night. Clonazepam, which I used to use for anxiety is about the only thing that seems to help.

I lost my girlfriend from depression. It only took 30 mins for something to take my half. We been together for 5 years. The person i felt invincible with and the places and the tings we go and do together are haunting me. Not feeling any hope and myself. Crying most of the time calling her name. Hope i could have done this, have dont that… But words cannot get her back. Still hoping that i will not follow her sooner or later. Still feels like a joke.

Still waiting for her to knock on my door with her gorgeous smile.


I hope someone could help me from this. I cannot take this for long. Working in a hospital is killing me as well. Crying most of the time call her name. Only hoping now that i will not follow her sooner or later. I grew up in an abusive home, and when I was 12 I met a boy who saved me. We fell in love. I stayed at his house for years and we were the best of friends. He helped me through everything and was the light of my life. He helped his mom pay the mortgage by doing odd jobs and errands for neighbors starting at 10 years old.

He saved my life. He was an angel, too good for this world. At 17, our senior year, he got hit by a fellow classmate and was killed. Here I am now, almost 5 years later, aching for him. Jean was diagnosed with cancer back in and was told she would probably only have about about 18 months to live with or without treatment.

She undertook treatment anyway and responded well and our 2 children and I were blessed with nearly 8 years of her love and presence in our lives. It was only in the last 6 months or so that the inevitable would become reality and after being told she might only have 6 weeks , she slipped from our grasp after 9 days , at home with me and the kids beside her. We were crushed , she had fought so hard to remain with and now she was gone. Well…the spark was there and so began such a beautiful and loving relationship as one could imagine. My children , after a period of awkwardness , grew to love Teresa dearly , particularly my daughter.

They became very close.. Teresa had been run ragged by bureaucracy , trying to organise in house care , and her own health took a beating from the stress. A couple of days later , Teresa collapsed while picking up a friend and was rushed to hospital. I went to see her in the ED and she was quite ill , though we were told she should be ok in 2 or 3 days. I went and saw her the next day where they put her in a general ward.. I spent time with her , comforting her and talking to her.

Most people get to spend 30 , 40 ,.. I miss Teresa so much…the thought of loving and losing someone again is so hard to even consider. My darling husband, Ken, died of cancer, but I cannot imagine having had to witness a partner burn to death. You have my utmost compassion. People are constantly at me to find somebody else, and a few days ago, I though just like you — it would be like a band-aid over a spraying vein. You say that you wish there was a way to communicate with your partner. I have no wish to push any belief on you, but after the loss of Ken, I was desperate for some sort of communication with him.

I was aware that I could fall victim to wishful thinking, and so very cautiously began to research the question of an afterlife. I truly believe your love is with you; she will be for the rest of your life. Do you talk to her? I lost my one true love in a bad car accident. She burned while still alive, and was unable to get out of her van. I watched her burn until there was almost nothing left.

That is a vision that I cannot unsee. If I could change reality, I would trade places with her. People say it gets easier with time. Every day has that potential to make you hate life. All it takes is a stray, unrestrained memory, to randomly show up, and massive depression can instantly take over. Since her death, my life has been a day to day struggle. Finding someone new helps somewhat, but that is like a bandaid on a severed carotid artery.

For now, I just continue the fight. Things might be easier if there was at least a way to communicate with her. If I believed in ghosts, I would try to find one, and ask it to relay a message for me. Losing her literally makes my heart hurt. When she died, my world fell apart. Besides losing her, I lost my job, my home, all of my cars, and almost everything I owned.

I would gladly give up everything I own and start over again, just to spend one more day with her. I now know what unused love feels like. Love becomes poison, bouncing around inside you, looking either for a way out, to a recipient, or else a way to torment you from the inside.

32 Books About Death and Grief

Just like taking too much of a good thing, and dying from it, too much love inside you, is just as bad. I think I would much rather deal with trapped anger, than love with no destination. I had been divorced 25 years and met a wonderful man on a Nickelback FB page who was going to the same concert last summer. He had lost is wife of 25 years 4 years ago. We talked everyday in March, had our first date in April and was inseparable after that. I had finally found my soulmate! All of my friends and family were surprised that this forever single gal had found a great guy!

We had literally everything in common. I was falling in love with this man. We spent every weekend together and he moved in with me at the end of September and we had plans for our future. I told him I loved him and nothing bad is gonna happen. I got up every morning to find messages he had sent me when he got to work, he messaged me on his lunch break everyday. I got up on Halloween morning like any other day. Flipped open my laptop and saw he had not been active on FB in 14 hours. That was NOT like him. No message from him. Had a weird feeling then. I was scrolling FB and saw a local news station had posted about a 3 car accident that happened that morning on the road he took to work.

I commented what time did this happen? Checked back to see if he had seen my message, still nothing.. THAT very moment I had a feeling in my heart and gut something was wrong. I just knew it. I wrote him again, I called his phone 2x.. Checked on the page that told about the wreck, it had been updated that air care had left without the patient, one deceased, two taken to hospitals. Who do I call? He has a grown daughter who was at work. I can still remember and feel that panic..

Then the noon news came on, it was breaking news, they were on the scene of this wreck and I nearly fainted…. They said the person in the car died! My world was spinning…no!

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Then a couple minutes passed and I hear a ding on my laptop, a message from his daughter, asking my. She called and asked if I had heard about Randy and said those words…she was hysterical. I just slid to the floor crying. Since his license had his old address on it, the sherriff went there, which his where his daughter and boyfriend lived and informed his family.

Then her boyfriend had to drive to her work and break the news to her. It took hours for me to find out. All I could do was cry, rock back and forth like a baby and cry some more. The next day, his daughter came here to pick out clothes for the funeral, she thanked me for making her Dad so very happy…it was terrible…the loss. She had lost her Mom and then her Dad. She included me in going to the funeral home to take the clothes, I wanted to see him, to touch him, rub his hand.

We all knew he was trapped in the car, but not for how long? He did wear his seatbelt everytime he drove. Then we found out the crash happened at 6: Why did it take so dam long? I was so upset and still am.

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That haunts me and will forever. I wonder if he went into shock? How bad did he suffer? What was he thinking during all that time? He held on that long with 2 broken legs, all broken ribs, blood filling his lungs and who knows what else! I cry everyday still..

It will be 18 weeks this coming Tues. I dread Tuesdays, getting up and reliving that day all over again. At 54 yrs old we found love and I feel like I was robbed of him in a tragic way. Our time together was too short but I have so very many wonderful memories I cherish. It feels so empty and weird here, his daughter came and packed up all this clothes and belongings 2 weeks afterwards and all I could do was cry..

I remember him bringing it all in just a month prior. I did get to keep a few things of his, a few pieces of clothing I loved, I sleep everynight with the shirt he wore to bed the night before, his cologne that I open and smell ever now and then, still where he put it. We are still waiting on the court date for the idiot who killed him. He had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valenties day with his family, while I missed out on all of those firsts we should have had. I have nobody who really understands how bad off I am over this that I can talk to.

His daughter and I still keep in contact, she keeps me updated on whats happening with everything and we have met for lunch, we vent to each other. Thanks for listening to my story. I miss him so much. I cry more and more every night. I act like a bitch and build walls around me so nobody could hurt me. I met him fall in love with his beautiful green eyes.. He say all my crazy flaws and still decide to love me. Saw through all my bitch facade and hugs me until i melt.

I lost my boyfriend on 10th feb It still feels surreal I lost him to a motor accident suddenly and violently. No one seems to understand how I feel. He was the love of my life. I was with him the night he died. He drove out and never came back. Some days It feels like the grief is about to consume me. We had our whole lives planned out.

I lost my beautiful girlfriend Jan 28 in a car accident. I am more than devastated after thinking she was more than the right one for me. I have cried everyday and I can not even begin to think or want any other love to ever replace the love she gave me. I was the luckiest man in this world to have met such a beautiful that loved me how she did.

She was 32 and I told her how I was looking forward to so much more of her time that I could not get enough of. I am shocked, more than devastated, and lost without her amazing and beautiful personality! It took me 40 years to meet her which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thursday i checked on him sunday.

And its ok to cry our fathers weeps to I will pray for us all to have comfort Blessings to you all. I have read all posts my heart breaks for you all. I lost my man january 14 It is still so raw He was having chest pains off and on for a bit got so bad he went to emergency found out he had heart attack night before. After dinner said he was tired went to bed at 9pm.

But i to am christian and believe we will one day be together again. I pray for strength and love everyday from jesus and our heavely father and holy spirit. With all three i am totally blessed i will pray for us all. Natasha Josefowitz, My husband has moved to heaven. I am so thankful I found this video. I searched and searched, for help, thank God I have been guided to this video.

She is saving me. She address my loss, my pain. She is someone who cares, which I need so desperately. I will be doing ok for a moment, then I run to the computer to watch the video, I thank her for the love she shared. I am sure she has saved many lives? Or at least restored to more then just existing, ——— to a point where they may be able to share a day with a friend.

God does have a plan, I wish we could understand. Please God hold us close and send your peace. Thank you for pointing us to the video. I just finished viewing it, and Natasha Josefowitz hits on everything that will come up in your our life in the grief period. Very true for the emotions and thought process. I pray for your emotional healing. Sending hugs, take care. We were supposed to be married on the 14 February which makes this even harder.

One moment we were spending an awesome day together, braaing, listening to music and laughing and the next thing I knew he was gasping for air and passed away in my arms. I can find myself laughing one moment and crying the next, its as if im living in a different world, a world I cant seem to find myself in or understand. He used to wake me in the morning with a cup of coffee and biscuits and cook supper for me and rub my feet when im tired.

I miss him holding me and telling me how much he loves me. When you lose a life partner, your best friend, you lose a part of yourself because I have learnt that no matter how hard you try life will never be the same ever again. Thank you for this blog….. I appreciate reading others experiences and being able to share mine…God Bless. I think I speak for all of us, when I say, its a long lonely road to travel. Some days better then others. Hang in there, God has a plan. I lost my love of just one short year on January 5, I have fallen into a spiral of despair.

The same happened to me but we were together for only four months, its so unbelivable, people tell me it was only 4 months I should be ok soon, but its just getting worse, never thought I could love so intensely, I send you a big hug, light and strenght! I never knew I could love so much.

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Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens
Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens
Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens
Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens
Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens
Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens Yer Born, Life Sucks, Death Happens

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