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Indeed, many attitudes and behaviours covered in this research indicate such states. Psychologists in the United States and United Kingdom created a celebrity worship scale to rate the problems. However, later research among larger UK samples have suggested that there are 3 different aspects to celebrity worship; [5] John Maltby University of Leicester , and the aforementioned psychologists examined the Celebrity Attitude Scale among United Kingdom respondents males, females who were aged between 14 and 62 years and found the following 3 dimensions to celebrity worship: A follow-up study showed no gender difference in any of the three dimensions.

Moore, PhD, author of Confusing Love with Obsession [7] and creator of the Obsessive Love Wheel suggests in a online article that there exists three other primary types of celebrity stalkers: Simple Obsessional, Love Obsessional and Erotomanic. This form of stalking is generally associated with individuals who have shared previous personal relationships with their victims.

However, this is not necessarily the case between a common member of the public exhibiting celebrity worship syndrome and the famous person with whom they are obsessed. Of these characteristics, low self-esteem plays a large role in the obsession that these individuals develop with their victim, in this case, the famous person. If the individual is unable to have any sort of connection to the celebrity with which they are obsessed, their own sense of self-worth may decline.

As the name suggests, individuals who demonstrate this sort of stalking behavior develop a love obsession with somebody who they have no personal relation to. The people that demonstrate this form of stalking behavior are likely to suffer from a mental disorder, commonly either schizophrenia or paranoia. Individuals that are love obsessional stalkers often convince themselves that they are in fact in a relationship with the subject of their obsession. For example, a woman who had been stalking David Letterman for a total of five years claimed to be his wife when she had no personal connection to him.

Erotomanic, originating from the word erotomania , refers to stalkers who genuinely believe that their victims are in love with them. The victims in this case are almost always well known within their community or within the media, meaning that they can range from being small town celebrities or famous personalities from Hollywood. Unlike simple-obsessional stalkers, a majority of the individuals in this category of stalking are women.

Similar to love-obsessional stalkers, the behavior of erotomanic stalkers may be a result of an underlying psychological disorder such as schizophrenia , bipolar disorder , or major depression.

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Although these stalkers have unrealistic beliefs, they are less likely to seek any form of face-to-face interaction with their celebrity obsession, therefore posing less of a threat to them. Entertainment-social celebrity worship is used to describe a relatively low level of obsession. It has been seen to have a number of negative effects with regards the development of unhealthy eating tendencies, poor body image and low self esteems especially in young adolescents.

This can be supported by a study carried out on a group of female adolescents between the ages of [14]. This is an intermediate level of obsession that is associated with neuroticism as well as behaviors linked to psychoticism. Females who have high levels of obsession are more accepting of cosmetic surgery than those who do not obsess over celebrities to this extent.

This classification is the most severe level of celebrity worship. Evidence indicates that poor mental health is correlated with celebrity worship. Researchers have examined the relationship between celebrity worship and mental health in United Kingdom adult samples. The public's fascination with celebrities "may seem new because we are such a media-immersed society, but it's really not," said Stuart Fischoff, senior editor at the Journal of Media Psychology and emeritus professor of media psychology at California State University, Los Angeles.

When the composers Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt performed in the 19th century, women threw their underwear at them. And 80 years after the death of silent-film star Rudolph Valentino, fans continue to visit his grave, Fischoff noted. Celebrities tap into the public's primal fantasies and basic emotions, lifting people from their everyday lives and making them believe anything is possible, said Dr. In the case of Jackson, with what appeared to be numerous plastic surgeries and skin bleaching, "the weirdness resonates with our own internal suppressed hidden wishes -- for immortality, gratification of sexual impulses and our wish for ageless beauty," Lucas said.

Humans at the core are social beings, and research has shown that the less connected people feel, the more they turn to celebrities, said Adam Galinsky, an expert in ethics and social psychology and a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Lucas added, however, that while worshipping the rich and famous is harmless in itself, it could be perceived as symptomatic of a rootless culture in which many people feel a sense of isolation. The dwindling influence of religion adds to that sense of yearning in people, he added, making the stars' exploits and eccentricities, their loves and losses, more than a form of entertainment. For the most part, star status conveys a sense of immortality and invincibility -- and "we are shocked when they die," Lucas added.

With loved ones, long-standing rituals help people cope, he said. But with celebrities, fans can be at a loss. Fischoff said he thinks it is perfectly appropriate to grieve a star's passing. A fan is a person who admires and appreciates a celebrity and their accomplishments. An obsessed person can't stop thinking of the celebrity to the point that they can't live their daily life.

Also keep in mind that celebrities appreciate and are grateful for their fans the people who support them , but are often scared by people who are obsessed.

How obsessed are you about your celebrity crush?

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9. My friend said something rude about this celebrity I worship. I ended up slapping my friend.

How can I stop taking what bad people say about them as personal insults? You must focus on your own, personal thoughts, alongside others wants instead of attaching emotional value to a celebrity who will never know you. People are complex, and we all have different qualities that could make us celebrities, for example Andy Warhol would've been seen as an absolute moron in school, but he revolutionised the fashion industry. Although I have streamlined my thoughts about a certain celebrity and started living with family and friends, I cannot control my anger when I read anything bad or someone says something bad about her.

What can I do? It sounds like you still have an obsession over this celebrity. Tell yourself that the celebrity you like isn't perfect and that criticisms of her are ok.

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Try to see why people say bad things about her and accept that there is probably truth in what they say. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Fill your time with hobbies to keep your mind occupied. Make plans with friends, read, study, learn new skills or play a sport. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Try to avoid thinking about them during the day as much as possible - often times our dreams are based on things we've been focusing on all day.

By avoiding these thoughts during the day, you can decrease the likelihood of that celebrity showing up in your dreams.

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Not Helpful 3 Helpful 9. I have failed all my exams, and I am failing my retakes because I simply can't get over him. I'm not even that obsessed, but I know if he saw me he would ask me out. What do I do? If you are spending so much time on this celebrity that you can't think of anything else or study for your exams, you are definitely obsessed with him. Also, you need to get the idea that he would want to date you out of your head. You will never go out with him.

The best thing for you to do is accept this and get on with your life. Addressing your obsession is the first step to getting over it. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. What if you are too scared to join clubs, or have a social-anxiety problem?

3 Ways to Get over a Celebrity Obsession - wikiHow

Go online and talk to people there until you're more ready to join a real-life club and are less anxious around people. Not Helpful 17 Helpful How can I get over a crush on a celebrity when I want him to be my husband? Find a boy your age that you might like by joining a new club that matches your hobbies. Get preoccupied and ignore the celebrity.

You'll never marry him. Not Helpful 67 Helpful What should I do if thinking about the celebrity makes me depressed because I know I'll never meet him. I have no friends to go to and my family wouldn't care. Answer this question Flag as What should I do if I see a celebrity's picture that causes me to become short of breath?

The Psychology of Celebrity Worship

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips You can still be a fan of the celebrity without being obsessed. Be brave when it comes to new situations and meeting new people. You can do it. It can take time to develop new behaviors, so be patient.

Gaining knowledge about human behavior can help you in many ways. Focus on other aspects of your life, ones that especially makes you happy so that you stay occupied most of the time. Warnings Be aware of your behaviors and know that violent obsessions can develop. You must contact someone family, friends, who can help at the first sign of violence aimed at a celebrity or others.

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Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Overcoming Celebrity Obsession Overcoming Celebrity Obsession

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