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At the end of each of those chapters, he weighs in. Recommending whether this is one he personally believes you really shouldn't skip, or whether it's one that is not really necessary in scenarios such as a breastfed child who is not in daycare until a certain age. Whether the vaccine is given primarily as protection for the child, or more as protection for someone exposed to the child, with the child simply being an unaffected carrier.

Like being a potential risk around a pregnant mother. If you are uncomfortable with following the recommended schedule of what and when, he has chapters at the end that help you with a delayed or selective schedule, or customizing your own. Does this help you realize how important this book is?

And why we as parents should take the responsibility of knowing what is injected in our child and why? Do yourself a favor and read this book and keep it as a reference. This book gives you a condensed version of details of each vaccine, its ingredients, differences in brands, potential risks, and benefits. He gives his opinion as well, which I appreciate since he has 20 years of experience. A read well-worth as most pediatricians are NOT going to sit down with you and explain any of this in detail.

I feel a lot more confident in making vaccine decisions for my future daughter now. The best immunization for a child is breastfeeding. Best take from the book. Thank you Dr Sears! Like a lot of people these days I have been tearing my brain apart. To vaccinate or to not vaccinate?!?!?!?!?! I make sure to check all the sources when researching, always wondering what the person who posted the article has to gain. It wasn't until I came across this book that I finally felt like I had some non bias, informative data.

Sears go through each vaccine. He never tells you what to do and the language never pushes you in one direction or the other, but instead provides you with more than enough information to make your own educated decision to do what you feel is best for you and your baby. I finally have peace of mind and feel more confident in my decisions.

I def recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about vaccines or is strugging in their decisions about them. I love to have this book on hand as a reference! Sears puts forth information about each vaccine and its components that is truly invaluable. He writes in a way that is easy to understand and explains each disease and its severity.

If you are on the fence about whether vaccination is for your family or looking for an alternative schedule, this is a great place to start! I borrowed this book from someone, and ended up buying my own, also purchasing a few for my friends. Some will argue that Dr. Thank you for your work, Dr. This is a SUPER informative guide to all vaccines recommended for infants, toddlers, young children and adolescents. I loved the format - easy to follow and organized - as well as the information offered by Dr.

Although Sears does offer his opinions of several of the vaccines addressed in his book, he backs them up thoughtfully with real life knowledge and his own experiences. In addition to basic facts about each vaccine, this book includes chapters based on several hot topics such as the link between autism and vaccines and alternative vaccine schedules. If you'd like to get the straightforward facts about vaccines ingredients, side effects, purpose, etc.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. We continue to monitor trends and conduct rigorous surveillance, and follow that with sound epidemiological studies when concerns arise. This is why we can say, with good confidence, that these vaccines are extremely safe, and that Dr. Throughout his book, Dr. Sears discusses the common fears concerning vaccine dangers, never correcting when these fears are based on myth or misinformation.

Vaccine Book - A workshop based on The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. January 17, 2017

Sears raises the concern in his book that the recommended schedule of childhood vaccines may pose a danger. This is followed by more language that makes it clear he believes thimerosal was a dangerous additive, and that the little remaining thimerosal in the vaccine supply contained in one form of the influenza vaccine is still a risk. Of course, we know that the thimerosal in vaccines was unlikely to ever have been a danger to children, but Dr.

Sears uses the same old misinterpretations of the science and conspiracy theories to arrive at the conclusion that it was. In his section on vaccine ingredients, Dr. Sears again, either naively or dishonestly discusses the rise in the rate of autism diagnoses as possibly a result of thimerosal in vaccines.

Again, that question is left hanging.

The Vaccine Book : Robert W Sears :

Of particular concern to Dr. Sears is the potential dangers of aluminum, which has become his new post-thimerosal villain. Many vaccines contain aluminum as an adjuvant. An adjuvant is a substance that boosts the ability of a vaccine to induce an immune response. I doubt that would go over well in anti-vaccine circles. In fact, no such studies exist. He does correctly state that there is very little known about the pharmacokinetics of intramuscularly injected aluminum as it occurs in vaccine adjuvants, but he goes on to distort what we do know about aluminum toxicity into a rationale to fear our current vaccine supply and schedule.

For instance, we know that aluminum has been blamed for producing neurotoxicity in some patients with renal failure on long-term dialysis, and in some extremely premature infants given prolonged courses of aluminum-containing intravenous nutritional solutions. But this is not comparable to the exposure of healthy infants to adjuvant-containing vaccines given intramuscularly on a few, discrete occurrences over a period of months. Similar to the way the safety data for methylmercury is often incorrectly applied to the ethylmercury in thimerosal and incorrect inferences of toxicity made , Dr.

Sears uses safety limits set for something else, and incorrectly applies them to the aluminum in vaccine adjuvants. The number was set low to leave room for the other sources of parenteral aluminum these infants receive. Sears uses this number as his standard against which he compares the aluminum content of vaccines.

This is misleading for a number of reasons. This is obvious as the number is expressed as a concentration, not as an absolute amount of aluminum.

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The fact that these intravenous, aluminum-containing solutions are administered continuously over long periods of time, whereas vaccines are administered in discrete unit doses at intervals spaced out over time, is also not taken into consideration in Dr. But his use of the FDA limits for intravenous feeding solutions is misleading also because it ignores the difference between intravenous and intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of aluminum, as in the case of vaccines. In fact there is evidence, which Dr. Sears must have missed in his exhaustive review of the literature, that the aluminum from vaccines behaves differently than intravenously administered aluminum, and that the body burden of aluminum from vaccines is not so concerning when placed in the context of the background body burden of aluminum.

One piece of evidence that the aluminum in vaccines is handled by the body quite differently than the aluminum in intravenous solutions comes from studies looking at the intramuscular injection of aluminum-containing adjuvants into rabbits. Rather than entering the blood stream directly and accumulating in tissues, as with intravenously injected aluminum, intramuscularly injected aluminum-containing adjuvants are first dissolved by organic acids in the interstitial fluids, and are then rapidly eliminated.

Another reassuring look at aluminum exposure from vaccines comes from an analysis by Keith, et al. They looked very closely at the the way in which all sources of aluminum exposure in the infant contribute to the total body burden of aluminum, including inhalation, oral, dermal, and vaccine exposures. They took into consideration uptake, transfer from the blood, release from the injection site, distribution patterns, and retention and elimination rates of aluminum. They used the Priest formula to assess the fate of aluminum once it has entered the body via any route.

Comparison of the aluminum body burden from vaccines to that from ingested breast milk, in relation to the oral MRL for aluminum for infants at the 5th and 50th percentiles for weight, is shown in the figure below taken from the original article. The analysis assumes injections of vaccines according to the following schedule, with the corresponding aluminum content:. Thus, this analysis accounts for the bulk of the aluminum that comes from the vaccine series. As can be seen in the figure, aluminum spikes occur on the day of injection, followed by rapid elimination within a few days. Despite slight and brief overlaps between the vaccine and MRL curves at the time of vaccination, the vaccine curves always fall between the dietary intake curves and the MRL curves.

The authors conclude that, in the context of the overall body burden of aluminum with which infants are born and which is added to by ongoing oral, inhalational and parenteral sources, vaccines are likely to constitute only a minor, transient part. While there is good reason to be confident that the aluminum in vaccines is not the dreaded neurotoxin Dr. Sears fears it is, in his book he suggests otherwise.

The Vaccine Book : Making the Right Decision for Your Child

This is neither borne out by the science, nor is it likely given what we know about aluminum and the way in which children are exposed via vaccinations. In addition to the hot-button concerns discussed above, Dr. Again, many parents appreciate this approach as one that is non-condescending. What it really is, however, is deceptively lacking in scientific honesty.

Sears does nothing to honestly inform his readers. I could not find information on injected formaldehyde. Fortunately, the amount in each vaccine is minuscule. Perhaps he could also have mentioned that formaldehyde is naturally present in the bodies of infants, at a level far greater than that contained in the vaccines they receive, and that formaldehyde does not appear to be carcinogenic to humans, or that animals injected with extremely large quantities of formaldehyde also fail to develop cancers.

Sodium deoxycholate — Another toxic substance, harmful to the eyes and lungs, found in minuscule amounts in vaccines. Nor am I sure which authorities he is referring to who have made these declarations of harmlessness. Sears is unaware that sodium borate is a chemical used in metal solder, as a laboratory buffer, has been banned as a food additive in Indonesia, and may cause liver cancer. Sears proposes for different types of concerned parents. For this schedule, Dr. First of all, we know the vaccine is effective at invoking a protective immune response when given at the recommended ages 12 months, and years.

I will not go into depth here discussing the enormity of the evidence refuting any causal association between the MMR vaccine and autism, nor discuss the apparent fraud that was perpetrated in the publication of the original paper the made this issue the phenomenon it has become. Others have exhaustively covered that topic. I will say that for Dr.

Sears to perpetuate this extremely dangerous myth is deplorable. He has the audacity to pander to the fears of parents by stating,. Splitting the MMR into separate components is thought by some researchers to decrease the risk of autism and other reactions, although medical science has not proven this to be so. I do know as should Dr. Sears that there is not one shred of scientific support for the notion that a split MMR confers any benefit over the combination vaccine. And there is no scientific evidence that it decreases the risk of any side effects. What it does do is increase the number of shots a child receives, increasing the time, expense, and pain involved.

More importantly, it increases the amount of time a child is susceptible to disease. After explaining his alternative schedule, Dr. Thinking outside the box can be a good thing in science. Sears claims to listen to parental concerns and to be impartial when it comes to whether or not, or how, to vaccinate. He says that, rather than tell them what to do, he prefers to give parents all the information they need to make their own, informed decisions.

But instead of accurately discussing the science for concerned parents, correcting the pervasive vaccine myths and misinformation so prevalent in the media, on-line, and in our communities, he distorts, misinterprets, and misleads. Sears has either a very poor understanding of how to read the scientific literature, and of the scientific method itself, or he is intentionally misleading his readers.

Either explanation indicates an unacceptable and egregious abuse of his public and professional responsibilities. Sears is not as blatantly anti-vaccine as others.

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This is a nice set-up for the book, allowing parents to believe they are getting the straight, unbiased story from a doctor that really wants to inform. Because of his family name and public persona, Dr.

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  • Sears is good at repeating and reinforcing common parental fears and anti-vaccine myths, but is quite poor at reading the literature and understanding epidemiology. But I view this as simply his attempt to exculpate himself for being, in reality, an anti-vaccine spokesperson. For all intents and purposes, this gives parents every reason to feel confident that their rationale for not vaccinating is supported by sound reasoning.

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    With his best-selling book it currently ranks at on Amazon Dr. Already, this anti-scientific group-think has increased the number of children who are under or un-vaccinated, and has resulted in preventable death and disease. To watch a less subtle Dr. Sears discuss his views on vaccines, click on this link. Since , Dr Snyder has been active in pediatric resident and medical student education with a particular interest in evidence-based pediatrics. His main area of interest is medical myth and the ways in which parents utilize information in making medical decisions for their children.

    Cashing In On Fear: The Danger of Dr. Sears

    One area of focus has been the vaccine myth, and he lectures frequently on this subject in both academic and community settings. His other activities have included: Snyder has no ties to industry, and no conflicts of interest regarding any of his writings. Lab Rat Gets Even. Cashing In On Fear:

    The Vaccine Book The Vaccine Book
    The Vaccine Book The Vaccine Book
    The Vaccine Book The Vaccine Book
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