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It charted at number 20 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Only the vocal tracks differ, and even then only in the verses; however, in those verses, not only are the words entirely different, but the meter and melody are also slightly different.

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  • There is also a third version, officially released only on the single for the song, which was recorded during the Appetite for Destruction sessions in Rose has stated that the song was written about a girl named Monique Lewis the face tattooed on his right bicep. She was romantically involved with both Rose and Stradlin at different times. Michael Monroe, lead singer of Hanoi Rocks and a big influence on Guns N' Roses, plays the harmonica and tenor saxophone on the studio version.

    Brownstone" with the help of our friend West Arkeen and some guy that just, I don't know, his name just escapes me," referencing Stradlin. It was also demoed several times by the band during this period.

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    At the end of "Double Talkin' Jive" Slash performs an extended flamenco -style guitar solo. Live performances of this song were stretched from its original three-minute length to more than eight minutes long. The opening line of the song "Found a head and an arm in a garbage can" refers to body parts that were actually discovered by the police in a dumpster in the vicinity of the studio. It features a sweeping orchestral backing and is one of Guns N' Roses' longest songs, and the longest song in history to enter the top 10 of the U.

    There is a music video of the song, filmed in one static take shot through a fish eye lens which features a close-up of Rose singing into a ribbon microphone with the band playing behind him, whilst keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Teddy Andreadis who played the harmonica for the band during the Use Your Illusion Tour are seen dancing in the far background.

    There are two versions of the video, both made in One version has strips of paper flying through the air, and is mostly found on music video sites like Yahoo! The other version has lyrics onscreen, complete with a "follow-the-bouncing-ball", but with no paper flying around.

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    The electric guitars soon come in for the heavier section which dominates the song. After the final climactic chorus, the opening section is reprised before ending with an audio effect of the song being fast-forwarded. It is Guns N' Roses longest song to date. It features hospital sound effects and a real defibrillator. Both albums' covers are the work of Estonian-American artist Mark Kostabi. The highlighted figure, unlike many of those in the painting, has not been identified with any specific philosopher.

    The only difference in the artwork between the albums is the color scheme used for each album. The original painting was titled by Paul Kostabi as Use Your Illusion and also became the title of both albums. The album's liner notes hide the message "Fuck You St. Released at midnight on September 17, , the Use Your Illusion albums were among the most anticipated in rock history.

    Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusions album review | Classic Rock Review

    Estimates suggested that over , copies of the two albums were sold in just 2 hours. Reception to Use Your Illusion I was mainly positive, and it is regarded as the more hard-rocking album of the two due in part to the influence of Izzy Stradlin.

    Asked if the wait was worth it, David Fricke of Rolling Stone said "yes". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Use Your Illusion disambiguation.

    Guns N' Roses - Live In Tokyo 1992 Full Concert HQ HD - DVD 1/2

    September 17, " Live and Let Die " Released: December 3, " November Rain " Released: Stu Young — assistant engineer Leon Granados — assistant engineer Mike Douglass — assistant engineer Talley Sherwood — assistant engineer. Battle of the Bands". With fans and critics alike eager for new material, the band unloaded a great volume of music on September 17, , the day they released the equivalent of two double albums, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II.

    The band also included a well-known cover on each album and each also has at least one track sung by band members other than lead singer Axl Rose.

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    Also, the band put out no less than ten videos from these two albums, a final gorge for the heyday of MTV and music videos, which would go into rapid decline through the nineties. It then kicks in more intensely for the heavier and doomier chorus sections which feature Alice Cooper on vocals.

    But the song itself is purely great — a piano ballad led by Rose, a theatrical, orchestral backdrop, and some of the finest guitar work by Slash which helped secure his spot as a rock legend. On the whole, the album is stronger than II , even though there's a fair amount of filler, including a dippy psychedelic collaboration with Alice Cooper and a song that takes its title from the Osmonds ' biggest hit. But it also has two ambitious set pieces, "November Rain" and "Coma," which find Rose fulfilling his ambitions, as well as the ferocious, metallic "Perfect Crime" and the original version of the power ballad "Don't Cry.

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    Use Your Illusion I

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    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion
    Use Your Illusion Use Your Illusion

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