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It's what is happening to me, after realizing my greatest desire and dream is to write! I was 23 years old when I came to that conclusion, and that was after reading hundreds of novels and gaining from them, what I would and would not do IF I were to ever write. Now, 28 years later and after 19 novels, there's more on my mind than what I will, or will not have in my novels.

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What am I working on? And my new life begins You see, I've been with someone all of my life. Parents - they divorced - then with my mother who had no choice but to become a single parent - which caused me to have a few foster parents. Yeah, yeah, yeah - I've been in the system. Not entirely mama's fault - but I'm not going there right now because it would lead into a mute direction.

I may speak of it later, but for now, I shall try to maintain this course. Anyway, I went from mama - sort-of-speak to my fi. Okay, this is the scoop. Where to buy it? Go shopping, load your cart. First time buyer of Bomaw? Here's a coupon for all 13 volumes! You'll get 3 formats with your purchase. Excerpt of Volume This is taken from a portion of the back story surrounding Shawn's ancestry, or past And yes, the plot thickens - the drama intensifies!

His wife was dropping a maternity t-shirt over her head. The mid-section of her body. Is Scandal such an addiction, especially to black woman, because this day, this need, this statement, this public show, this weekly declaration is something that WE - black women have long awaited? Long needed to, well To repair all the damage done by our leading society who said It has been a long time since I've read over various parts of Bomaw, thus forgetting things that I'd written. So I'm reading with fresh new eyes, almost like those of a reader. Yes, I see the errors as well, sorry about that.

Those errors have become one of my reasons for slo-o-owing down. What so many readers must understand, and there are some who do - that being the DO ALL to publishing your own work is not as easy as one might think. Dissin' the President, Barack O'Bama. First let me say, that I don't know if me having a blog is a good idea. I'm too stupid to keep certain things to myself, speaking my mind, is a dangerous thing, because my mind and the things in it could get me in a heap of trouble, for real!

President, but let's face it - we all know why this is happening, doesn't matter if you're white, doesn't matter if you're black. Rolling out the volumes Here is Volume 9 of Bomaw I can't believe how far that drama series has come. And yet, soon I'll hit volume 11 - because we believe it will make it to 11 with the material already written - and once it does, it will be time to start writing the new, fresh material for it. All 9 volumes are available at amazon. Thing is, I never knew how time consum.

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Not sure how it will be done, but I am determined to do it. It's all about scheduling I suppose and that's. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Beauty of Man and Woman - Volume Bomaw Mar 20, Available for download now. Beauty of Man and Woman Vol. IX Bomaw Book 9 Aug 10, VI Bomaw Book 6 May 13, IV Bomaw Book 4 Apr 09, V Bomaw Book 5 Mar 03, Provide feedback about this page. Well written and well researched.

I could not put it down! Oct 17, velvetgypsy rated it really liked it. Captivated I have never read a book that have you so captivated and trust me I have been reading since God made time. Lena and Manny my heart broke a thousand times for them if love like theirs really existed in this world all our lives will be rich but not from money , I am really mad at Manny he keeps making the same mistake over and over again , why didn't he got rid of Katherine always leaving her to do as she pleases , hope in the next saga she is finally gone for good Dec 20, Dee rated it it was amazing.

I absolutely loved this book. There was so much going on with this book.

Princess Ces'alena

It does span over time. Eventhough, those types of books are not my favorite this was absolutely great. I loved both the characters, Manny and Lena. Watching them and their family saga was wonderful.

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  5. I cried, smiled, and got angry , but enjoyed every minute. Apr 08, NJS rated it liked it. Well this book left me reeling. I liked it a lot, actually. There were complex characters, a developed full plot, love, heartbreak, passion, regret, etc. There was all kind of emotions in this novel. This is a full body interracial, historical, romantic drama. It was a bit slow to boil but once it got cooking, I could not put it down. I felt sorrow and rage. I wanted to strangle the antago Well this book left me reeling. I wanted to strangle the antagonist.

    So job well done on that. On the other hand, there were a few issues: Lena, a captured slave, was able to physically assault a white man without so much as a scratch? Or how Kayleen talked to white masters of the plantation. The chapters were very long without any definitive breaks. It all seemed to run together. The book was also very long.

    There are two parts to the story but there really should have been two books. I will agree with the one review that said the book became repetitive in some aspects. The main characters do quite a bit of back and forth, but it is as lovers do.

    Princess Ces'alena by Mercedes Keyes

    There were two climaxes in the story, reached by similar means. So it made you question if the characters were stupid or if the story was just too contrived? I think the problem is that author used a similar plot device so it seemed less organic than the first time. I will refrain from too many details and making this too long. There were a few glitches but overall the story made you feel something a couple things and at the end of the day that is all you can hope for from a book.

    I enjoyed it, would recommend it and will continue reading Ms. Aug 08, Michelle Onuorah rated it it was amazing. Princess Ces'alena is an epic tale full of passion, empathy, sorrow, and the frailties of human nature. Mercedes Keyes has the extraordinarily rare ability to create a literary vortex in which the reader of her stories will be instantly sucked in and consumed until the story has reached its conclusion. Princess Ces'alena was the first book I read by this author several years ago and Princess Ces'alena is an epic tale full of passion, empathy, sorrow, and the frailties of human nature.

    Princess Ces'alena was the first book I read by this author several years ago and it was a pleasure to explore and re-read this new, revised edition. Like before, I got pulled into the tornado that is the Webster saga but it was refreshing to read the polished product. It was also a breath of fresh air to read an interracial drama not tinged with pornographic sex scenes. The characters sizzle and their chemistry is on fire.

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    That being said, we get just enough of what we need to know and see without closing the book, feeling too hot and bothered ourselves. I've read books that are too tame to be a romance and too trashy to be romantic. This book strikes the perfect balance of love and passion. I appreciate that because if I want to read mommy porn, I can easily go read Fifty Shades. I want to read an all-encompassing, enrapturing love story and that is precisely what Princess Ces'alena offers. Tangie Evans rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Bibliophilic rated it really liked it May 26, Terease rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Synthia b rated it it was amazing Mar 01, Tea rated it did not like it Jan 16, Tonya rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Patti rated it it was amazing Oct 05, Chrisolu rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Kaye rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Ayagirl1 rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Natalie Jackson rated it liked it Jun 14, Kiesha Sloan rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Andrea Thomas rated it it was amazing May 01, Vette rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Anderson rated it really liked it Feb 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    Born in the south, Mississippi - grew up back and forth between there and Chicago, where she went to school.

    Keyes married early in life and gave birth to three beautiful children, two daughters and a son. Currently, she has 6 grandsons. She lives in Colorado now - after relocating from England where she used the back drop of the small island to learn more about the worlds historical past. A past t Born in the south, Mississippi - grew up back and forth between there and Chicago, where she went to school.

    A past that she's made it a point to write about, as Ms Keyes is a lover of history. Currently, she is working on Saoirse - her sixth historical Cromwell's reign that brought about Irish slaves - which will be followed by Fancy Free - another historical surrounding Cora's Daughters - the Fancy Series. She can be found amberswann.

    Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1) Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1)
    Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1) Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1)
    Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1) Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1)
    Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1) Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1)
    Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1) Princess Cesalena (Webster Fields Book 1)

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